Borderless Project Inception & Evolution

If there are blind spots for access risks 

and identity misuse or compromise in your environment, 

how can you detect them?

Questions like this are the kind that kept Saryu Nayyar up at night. It was her job to answer them. Silos of data and process without APIs and visibility for behavior analytics are the new security weak spots in an emerging hybrid world. Solutions are needed, but they require understanding and insight to leverage the right solutions for the right problems. Saryu Nayyar recognized she had the resources to help wider audiences in the security community gain this invaluable understanding of predictive security analytics in today's increasingly complex hybrid envirionments.

It was in this cycle of conceptual development that she coined the term 'Borderless Behavior Analytics'...   Borderless because experts widely recognize the security perimeter has vanished in today's brave new world of mobility and cloud, with access 24/7, from anywhere, by anyone.

In “Borderless Behavior Analytics – Who’s Inside? What’re They Doing?”, Saryu Nayyar assembled a consortium of C-level experts in cybersecurity and IT. Working together with them, her goal was to share insights and analysis of the latest developments in predictive security analytics. Challenges and solutions to the blind spots of siloed data and process without APIs are explored, and so much more. The contributing experts bring years of wisdom and experience working in borderless environments, learning security best practices.

And now this easily accessible wisdom and these best practices are available to a wider audience. We hope you’ll consider this book a resource to help optimize your next security initiative and to avoid costly mistakes.

Notable Borderless Quotes

Gary Eppinger
Jerry Archer
Joe Sullivan
Teri Takai
Leslie K. Lambert